Osteopathy for Horses

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Equine Osteopathy


Just like humans horses can also suffer from back, neck and muscular injuries from trips, falls or advancing age. This can cause pain, stiffness, a reduction in mobility and even behavioural changes, and just as humans benefit from osteopathic treatment horses can too.

Equine Osteopathy helps with many conditions. The aim of treatment is to allow the horse to be pain-free, supple, in balance and able to perform to their best. Most horses enjoy being treated and can respond rapidly, and a real difference is often seen straight away.

What is Equine Osteopathy?

Equine Osteopathy combines the manipulation techniques used by Chiropractors with the massage and mobilisation techniques used by Physios and Backmen, providing a more rounded approach to treatment. Osteopaths don’t just focus on the ‘problem area’ but treat the animal as a whole and work to realign and balance the animal’s musculoskeletal system, restoring health, movement, soundness and performance. Treatment also includes giving advice on exercises that the owner can perform to continue the work done during a session.

What to expect during your first appointment

Initial consultation usually lasts about an hour, follow up appointments usually require less time. Owner’s presence is necessary to hold the horse during evaluation and treatment. Case history details of the problem are taken including the onset and duration and any aggravating or relieving factors. Inquiries about the frequency of dental visits, saddle care and farriery should be made and any remedial shoeing should be noted. Any veterinary tests that have been carried out should be recorded. Horse will be walked and trotted up on a flat surface, possibly be asked to be lunged on either rein. Then a full passive examination of all the horses joints will be done. The horse will then be treated using body adjustment, mobilisation and soft tissue massage.

Aftercare & Follow up Appointments

After treating if appropriate, advice will be provided on rest, stretches and exercise that the owner can perform with their horse. Follow-up treatments will then be discussed with the owner. The number of treatments required will depend on your horses history as well as what is being treated. Many horses respond rapidly to their first treatment, while other horses may need multiple treatments over the course of a few weeks or months.

Veterinary Permission

Veterinary permission for treatment must always be obtained prior to treatment being undertaken. It is illegal for anyone to treat an animal without a veterinary surgeon’s approval; most vets are aware of the benefits of complementary treatment for animals and will readily give permission for the animal to be treated. At first contact you will be asked for your vets details in order that permission is obtained before seeing your animal.

20% Discount for New Equine Customers

LW Osteopathy is currently offering a 20% discount for all new customers who book in before 31st July 2015. 20% will be deducted from your first equine treatment. Offer can be claimed once per customer and can be used for up to 3 horses providing they are all treated at the same location on the same day.