Fees & Treatment Options

Equine Osteopathy

Osteopathic Treatment

£50 per horse for initial consultation and treatment*

£45 per horse for follow up appointments

Initial consultation usually lasts about an hour, follow up appointments usually require less time. Owner’s presence is necessary to hold the horse during evaluation and treatment. Case history details of the problem are taken including the onset and duration and any aggravating or relieving factors. Inquiries about the frequency of dental visits, saddle care and farriery should be made and any remedial shoeing should be noted. Any veterinary tests that have been carried out should be recorded. Horse will be walked and trotted up on a flat surface, possibly be asked to be lunged on either rein. Then a full passive examination of all the horses joints will be done. The horse will then be treated using body adjustment, mobilisation and soft tissue massage.

General Service – General Equine Osteopathic Treatment (GEOT)

£55 per horse for full consultation and extended treatment*

All horses, whatever their discipline, can benefit from a GEOT. This is a general loosen up of all its joints and muscles. This is particularly useful before work to increase suppleness; very important for dressage, polo ponies and show jumpers where agility is paramount; important for hunters and eventers to prevent pulls and strains, and for racers to ensure maximum movement of limbs for greater stride length and ground coverage.

Combined Horse and Rider Treatment

£70 per horse and rider*

Have you and your horse treated on the same day. The stresses and strains of the daily care involved with caring for a horse might be affecting your riding. Mucking out, sweeping and carrying water buckets all tend to be one-sided activities. This will lead to greater muscle development on one side and therefore imbalance within your body. This can affect the way you ride, how your horse reacts to your aids and how supple he is to ride. This combined treatment includes a full initial appointment for the horse as described above, plus full osteopathic assessment and treatment for the rider. Combined appointments usually last around 90 minutes. Lucy will bring a mobile treatment table on site which will be set up in a private area to perform treatment on the rider. Alternatively Lucy can visit the rider at their own home to perform treatment.

*Discounts are available for treating three or more horses at the same location and on the same day.

Canine Osteopathy

Canine Osteopathic Treatment

£40 per dog for consultation and treatment*

The first session will take approximately 45 minutes. This includes case history taking, full physical examination and biomechanical assessment, treatment and specific advice on aftercare such as stretches and exercises. Dogs are treated either in their own home or the environment where they feel safe and relaxed. The owner must be present during treatment to assist with holding the dog.

*Discounts are available for treating three or more dogs at the same location and on the same day (e.g. racing greyhound kennels, dog agility clubs etc).

Osteopathy for People

Osteopathic Treatment

£50 for initial consultation and treatment

£45 for follow up appointments

The first appointment will last around one hour and follow up appointments typically last around 45 minutes. Your initial appointment will consist of a full medical case history of previous and current medical conditions and details of any medication you may be taking. A postural examination will be performed and an explanation of the presenting complaint and why it may have manifested itself will be provided. A treatment plan will then be discussed and treatment will be provided.

Lucy treats patients in the comfort of their own home, and will bring a mobile treatment table along to each appointment. Alternatively if you would prefer to be treated in the clinic, Lucy practices at the Standish Osteopathic & Holistic Practice every Thursday.