Osteopathy for Dogs & other Animals

Canine Osteopathy


Dogs can suffer pain and injury, particularly after strenuous exercise, or from accidents, slips and falls. You may notice he is quieter than usual and unwilling to exercise, and is not moving quite right or dislikes a particular part of his body being touched.

Canine osteopathy treats all breeds of dogs, bitches and puppies, including household dogs, occupational dogs and professional dogs of all varying ages. Regular treatment of racing and agility dogs suffering from musculoskeletal imbalances can help improved their performance whilst improving their overall health. Lucy has treated many dogs, from racing greyhounds and working farm dogs to beloved family pets.

What is Canine Osteopathy?

Canine osteopaths treat the dog's body as a whole, rather than just focusing on any one particular veterinary condition - the aim of the canine osteopath is to always look for the underlying cause(s) of the dog's problem and return its body to balance. If you are not sure whether canine osteopathy is right for your dog and you would like to discuss treatment with Lucy, please email with your queries.

What to expect during your first appointment

The first session will take approximately 45 minutes. This includes case history taking, full physical examination and biomechanical assessment, treatment and specific advice such as stretches and exercises. Dogs are treated either in their own home or the environment where they feel safe and relaxed. The owner must be present during treatment to assist with holding the dog.

Veterinary Permission

Veterinary permission for treatment must always be obtained prior to treatment being undertaken. It is illegal for anyone to treat an animal without a veterinary surgeon’s approval; most vets are aware of the benefits of complementary treatment for animals and will readily give permission for the animal to be treated. At first contact you will be asked for your vets details in order that permission is obtained before seeing your animal.

Osteopathy for other animals

Commonly the majority of patients seen are horses and dogs however any animal can benefit from osteopathic treatment. Lucy has treated cats, sheep and small livestock. Please contact Lucy for fees and treatment options.